Cyber Insurance - Data Compromise & CyberOne™

Upscale buildings rely on computer systems and the information that is stored in them. This includes data on residents, applicants for residency, customers and employees which can be stolen, electronically “hacked” or lost through accidental or inadvertent release. When a breach occurs, businesses should be able to notify all individuals affected, effectively communicate in accordance with state notification laws and provide credit monitoring assistance and identity restoration case management to those affected by the breach.

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Data Compromise Coverage

Data Compromise coverage is designed to help our customers respond to the financial burden and service obligations of a personal data breach.

Response Expense Coverage

Data Compromise coverage pays for first-party expenses in responding to a personal data breach. Coverage also pays for outside legal counsel review, forensic IT review, notifications to affected individuals, credit monitoring and identity restoration services to affected individuals.

Defense & Liability Coverage

Coverage is offered for legal defense and liability costs for actions brought by one or more affected individuals or government entities on behalf of the affected individuals.

Covered Event

Includes theft of electronic files, theft of physical files, accidental loss or release and voluntary release due to fraud.

Covered Trigger

Discovery of breach by the insured.

Limit and Deductible

Response Expense limit options start at $100,000 annual aggregate per account. Higher limits are available upon request.

Response Expense $100,000 annual aggregate per account:

  • Sublimits: Any single Personal Data Compromise, subject to account annual aggregate
  • Forensic IT review $10,000
  • Legal review $10,000
  • Named malware $50,000
  • Public Relations service $5,000
  • $2,500 deductible each Personal Data Compromise

Defense and Liability $100,000* annual aggregate per account:

Sublimits: Named malware $50,000 per Data Compromise Suit

$2,500 deductible each Data Compromise Suit

**Sublimits and deductibles for Response Expense and Defense and Liability Coverages may change with higher limits.

*In Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont, the $100,000 Defense and Liability Limit is replaced with a $50,000 Liability Limit and a $50,000 Defense Limit.

CyberOne™ Insurance

When the computer systems of a business experience a virus or other computer attack, their bottom line and reputation can be significantly impacted. CyberOne™ coverage helps pay for the costs associated with restoring data and computer systems as well as protect against third-party liability that may arise from a failure of a system security.

Computer Attack Coverage

CyberOne™ coverage pays for data restoration from electronic sources and systems restoration.

Additional coverage that includes data re-creation from non-electronic sources, business interruption, and public relations services is available upon request.

Network Security Liability Coverage

In the event of a network security liability suit as defined by the policy, CyberOne™ covers costs of defense, settlement and judgment. Defense is provided within the coverage limits. Additional coverage that includes coverage triggered by a breach of third party business data is available upon request.

Limit and Deductible

Computer Attack $100,000* annual aggregate limit per account $5,000 deductible per occurrence.

Network Security Liability $100,000* annual aggregate limit per account.

*In Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont, the $100,000 Defense and Liability Limit is replaced with a $50,000 Liability Limit and a $50,000 Defense Limit

Risk Management Portal

As part of Data Compromise and CyberOne™ coverages, access to eRisk Hub® is provided as a complimentary service. eRisk Hub® is an online cyber risk portal that equips you with resources and risk management tools to help plan and be prepared to respond should a data breach or computer attack happen to you. With a response plan and instant access to informative resources, you will be ready to more efficiently and cost-effectively respond to and recover from a data breach or computer attack.

Key Features of the eRisk ® Hub Portal

Incident Response Plan Roadmap: Includes suggested steps to take following a network or data breach incident

Online Training Modules: ready-to-use training on privacy best practices and Red Flag Rules

Risk Management Tools: assists in managing cyber risks including a self-assessment and state breach notification laws

News Center: cyber risk stories, security and compliance blogs, security news, risk management events, and helpful industry links

Learning Center: best-practices articles, white papers and webinars for leading technical and legal practitioners

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